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    2017 SW - What is your Biggest OOoooo ~~ AAhhh - VAR's did you hear it??

    John Stoltzfus

      Starting another Version has always been an excitement for me, (with the exception of 2016), when being on subscription I wanted to use it as soon as it was feasible.  Yesterday it happened, 2017 SP0 is now running on my machine, had a glitch with one folder which was the last folder I was working just before the update, we needed to reset our registry settings and scraping all of my Copy Wizard settings.  The worst part of all that is redoing everything, options, toolbars etc... 


      I wasn't able to attend the local Roll Out Session and missed the Ooos Ahhhs or the Hissss of the crowd, today I read most of the information in the What's New pdf, (what pertains to my workflow) and using the software, I had a few awesome surprises;


      • Speed, not idea how much faster, but SW ate steroids, big noticeable difference.
      • Distant Mate on Cylindrical Surfaces
      • 3D Offset Notes



      So what do you see/feel??