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EPDM Concatenate Issue?

Question asked by Jason Koonce on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Michael Dekoning

I have 3 variables set up in EPDM to concatenate into 1 variable.  Below is the example:


1.  Production Part Number - This is generating 7 digit serial number

2.  Major Revision - this is incremented from 00 to 01, etc.

3. Minor Revision - This is incremented from A,B,C etc..

4.  Part Number - This variable has an input formula of   Production Part Number - Major Revision - Minor Revision


I have 3 separate edit fields that show Production Part Number, Major Revision, and Minor Revision.  These are getting incremented and display fine.

The issue is with the 4th variable Part Number.  It show up blank on the data card.

I can manually type in the first 3 fields and the 4th field fills out the information right.  It is when I send it through the different states and transitions it doesn't automatically fill in those fields.


Has anyone ran into something similar?  Any thoughts or suggestions welcome...