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    Simulation help

    Conrad Cormier

      I`m new to simulation. I took the linear static training course and understood pretty good. The issue is without much practice I would have liked to start with simple parts simulation, but that is not the job I have now. So I`ve got this medium size conveyor system that i`ve been trying to analyse for 4 days now without any luck. I`ve simplified it as much as I could by taking the other sections of the assembly out (even tough I wanted to analyse them at the same time) I took out all the solid bodies that I could out of the assemblies, I have contact sets on every damn parts and the think will still not run. I`ve tried at least 10 different variations with no luck. I need help.


      I tried to attached the zip file of the assembly to this post but it`s saying it`s to large.


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          Conrad Cormier

          I really need help with this guys. How do I upload a big assembly so you can have a look at the simulation?

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              James Riddell



              However, we do large assemblies all the time here, large weldments mostly, but I rarely use beam elements b/c most parts are too short to really behave like beams.


              One thing I can tell you is that contact sets YUGELY increase your runtimes.  Try starting w/o them and adding them in bit by bit so they make sense.

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                  Conrad Cormier

                  Hi James, thanks for the reply.

                  I did pack and go the assembly, and then zipped the file but it`s still to large to attache to the forum post.


                  As for the simulation, I started with some contact sets in the full assembly (simplified, but with more then one frame) everytime it didn`t work I took stuff out, contact sets and frames. Now with only one frame I tried running with no contacts sets at all, just the full bonded constrain. That didn`t work, I got the error above. So I then contact set EVERYTHING and i`m still getting the same error. Run time is not really an issue, I just need it to run. My next step is to make everything as solid bodies, but that would just take for ever to run. But it would run. 

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                Conrad Cormier

                Great idea Siavash, I wondering if you would find this. I was in your class last week, this is the conveyor system I showed you. Here is the link.

                Dropbox - Solidworks


                I would like to get the full system analysed it`s just proven to be a bit over my experience level.

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                  Gian Flavio Violi

                  Hello Conrad,


                  Nice model you've got going on. Couple of things are holding you back form performing the simulation.

                  1- BPA aren't modeled as surface bodies neither sheet metal bodies. So performing a correct bonded or welded contact becomes hard. Sometimes, when you are gonna perform simulation on a model, you gotta change your modeling strategy so you can decrease Sim-prep times (and spare you some headaches).

                  2- Most of the conctacts you performed were No penetration. But you lacked contacts that actually tells SW-Sim what bodies are held together (and where). Global contact option isn't particularly good for this, you must do it manually.


                  I suppresed all non-beam components of your sim and ran smoothly. So resolve the two issues I described above and you are off to a good start.


                  I'm gonna keep runing some more test and post you an update soon.


                  Just so you know... even without the gusset's stiffening effect, your model looks in the clear. So you might wanna skip simulating those contacts, since it could be such a HUGE pain in the ass and stick to the simulation of the beam element structure alone. I would only perform that simulation IF I'd be worrisome about the local stresses on those components.

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                      Conrad Cormier

                      Hi Gian


                      I`m sorry, but what are BPA`s? Everything was to be analysed as beam or solid elements (Time wasn`t a big issue, I can let it run over night)

                      So as I just asked Siavash above, so all the solid/beam connection must have a bonded and no pen constrain?


                      I have been successful at running the simulation, if like you said I just take everything out and make it a simple beam analysis, but at that point the model is a bit too simplified I think. Since the mounting points are incorrect.


                      Thanks for the help everyone.