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Toolbox custom properties not shown in BOM

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by Christopher Buckley

Hello there,


I am trying to customize a simple description property for the toolbox components. I have exported the data to Excel from each group and populated my custom information into the parameter, updated it, saved it, and no errors so far when I exit the toolbox configuration tool.


Now, when I insert the BOM of the assembly in a drawing, the column for that parameter remains empty. I've tried changing the Part Number property in the toolbox configuration by selecting show Part Number in bill of material as my custom property, and then switched back and forward in the BOM columns to report either the actual Part Number (the SW default) and my custom property, but the only thing happening is that the Part Number (the SW default) is showing the configuration name of the toolbox component, which is not what I want.


Any ideas on what I may be missing to successfully link the BOM to report my custom parameter from the toolbox?. that custom parameter is already found in our part template and in every other file that we have created, and also in the txt file of custom parameter as part of the SW configuration files.


Unfortunately, creating our own configurations of files with our custom parameter is not an option. We have too many toolbox components already assembled in our designs, so replacing them with new parts files is not viable.


Thank you