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Equal Curvature Relation Bends the Wrong Way in 3D Sketch

Question asked by Ryan Feeley on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Ryan Feeley

Hi, I'm trying to put an "equal curvature" relation on a style spline in a 3D sketch. The spline is sketched with an "on plane" relation. When I attempt to add the relation, the magnitude of the curvature is correct, but the sign is flipped (i.e., it curves in the wrong direction). Is this the expected behavior or a bug? I tried to add the tangent first and manually adjust so the curvature of the two sketch entities "close" before adding the relation, but it still flips to curving the wrong way.


This picture below is from a simple example. Prior to adding the curvature continuous relation, both the arc and the style spline have an "On Plane" relation that puts them both on the front plane. 


Adding Equal Curvature relation flips the direction of curvature:

After Curvature Relation.PNG

Here is the position of the two sketch entities before adding the Equal Curvature relation:


Before Curvature Relation.PNG


Any ideas for how I can most easily work around this? So far I'll I've come up with is to manually create construction geometry that curves in the other direction, and then add my relation to that.