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Venturi Flow Simulation (setting boundary conditions?)

Question asked by Jesus Toledano on Nov 1, 2016

I am trying to simulate a flow simulation for a Venturi tube. I have constructed the simulation as best I could in SW. I am having difficulty in selecting the proper boundary conditions for the simulation. Since this is a replica of a fluids experiments in the college laboratory, I have measured inlet fluid volume flow rates, velocity at the Venturi throat, pressure drop across the measuring leads in the Venturi tube, reynolds number in throat, etc. I have attached a excel file of data and my crude SW parts file of the replica lab experiment. I would like the simulation to give similar (ball park) pressure drops which occur across the venturi throat. The end of the pipe is open to the atmosphere and  allows the water to be collected in a large container where it is weighed (in lbs). I have tried using only two boundary conditions: inlet vol. flow rate (for each set up 1-5) & atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi) at the end of the pipe where the water spills out at the top. Any help would greatly be appreciated, please ask any questions for further clarification.


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ps: I am fairly new to SW and this is my first time using the simulation add-in. My goal is to learn and increase SW skill. Thank you and please bare with me.