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Wire Numbers with Bridged Terminal Strips

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Brian Cooke

I'm trying to understand the wire numbering algorithm, but terminal strips are causing some confusion.  Can someone explain why the wire numbers in the two images below are different?


The terminals are passing, and terminals 1 and 2 are bridged.  I don't understand why the wire numbering algorithm in the second image renumbers things form 500-1 to 501-1.  The first wire encountered is on row 500, so I would expect everything to be 500-1.


Things get stranger when the number of terminals increases.  Consider the following arrangement where each terminal is passing and is bridged to its adjacent terminals:



Why is the wire number 505-1 and not 503-1?  As I move the wire from terminal to terminal and renumber the wires, the results are as follows:


Terminal     Wire Number

     1               505-1                          

     2               505-1

     3               506-1

     4               509-1

     5               509-1

     6               509-1

     7               508-1


I see no rhyme or reason to this.