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Used Smart Fastener for the first time

Question asked by Brian Warthen on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Matt Peneguy

First go at Smart Fastener. It should be called Smart Slow Working Fastener. I had around 700 fasteners to insert. Using the SF for various groups the utility is cumbersome to use as the work flow within the SF is poor at best. Some Hole Wizard holes in a group were not recognized by SF. Backing away from SF groups of around ten fasteners to one nut bolt combo, using the linear pattern and mirror worked ok. Turns out just dragging in  the Library fasteners and using linear pattern was the fastest technique. In the end there was a mix of SG and Library inserted fasteners. On changing the HW hole spacing all the SF fasteners failed to stay with the holes. All you had to do was open all the SF instances, resave them and they worked, which took forever because SF is very slow, not because of my machine either. It was faster for me to delete all the SF, drag in Library fasteners and linear pattern them than to mess with opening each SF and resaving them. Much time was lost using SF.