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Configuration is not properly working on Driveworks SOLO 11. Is there any alternate ways?

Question asked by Sowthri Ganth on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Sowthri Ganth

I have Drive works SOLO 11 with Solidworks 2015 Standard. For my automation i need to change the configuration according to the option that i have selected in the User Form. For Example I have an assembly with 30 parts. Each part have Copper and Aluminium material option and i have created that as a configuration for every part. When i ran the automation, while selecting the material as "Aluminium" as my input, half of the parts changed to Aluminium (Aluminium Configuration in active) while remaining stays in the Copper (Copper Configuration is active). I tried repeating the automation and checked the rules. No use. Still the parent configuration (The configuration which is active before running an automation) is active for the remaining parts.


Is there any alternate ways to make my parts to be active in desired configuration or to apply material according to my selection in user form?