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Displaying jpegs in assemblies

Question asked by David Brandwood on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by David Brandwood

Bit of an odd one for you all. Is it possible to display bitmaps in an assembly? I'll try & explain what I'm after. I'm modelling a filtration plant, as part of that I have a simply rectangular extrusion which I've used as a floor area, mainly for perspective to the client of how it all fits in the area allocated. In the part I have as the floor I've imported a bit map image of the architectural drawing from the client which extends beyond my floor part (all great so far)I'm not saying the scale in bang-on but then that's not what I'm after, it's close enogh, however,,,,,, the jpeg doesn't shown in my assembled model. The simple rectangular extrusion part for the floor shows no problem but no sign of the bitmap in the assembly. It lists in the feature tree on the assembly, it's not suppressed and it's not hidden but it doesn't show.


So first, is it even possible to do what I'm asking and if it is, where have I gone wrong.