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DELL 5510 vs new MacBook Pro (Quadro M1000M vs AMD Radeon Pro 450)

Question asked by Chris HB on Oct 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Bjorn Hulman

I'm a long time Mac user and musician that has been back to school to study MECH Eng and I'm loving it. I need a computer that is ultra portable with a 15" screen. I'm already having to leave certain books at home because i either bike or take public transit to school and I value the health of my back.


I was leaning towards a DELL 5510 because of its SW supported card but Apple has recently released a new MacBook Pro with a AMD Radeon Pro card, which is supposed to replace their FirePro line, the latter which is currently supported by SW. I find DELL has poor customer service and I do have some Pro music hardware and software that is only compatible with Mac so the decision is not so obvious. The DELL would probably be easier to upgrade in terms of memory and HD down the line.


A properly comfirgured 5510 is about 2300$ CDN and the MacBook Pro 15" is 3000$ (yikes). Are there any other 15" light ultrabooks worth looking at? Also, I exclusively use a keypad with Solidworks and neither of these machines have one. I would be using an external keypad but i would welcome a machine with one built in providing it doesn't add bulk.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.