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Add New Part To Exploded View and Motion Study Does Not Update

Question asked by Jesse Vanderhoff on Oct 30, 2016

So I created an assembly with an expldoed view and then used the collapse motion study wizard to create an animation of the assembly going from an exploded state to a collapsed state. I then had to add an additional part to that assembly so I added the part in, edited the necessary steps in the exploded view and confirmed the correct movement of the new part would occur by right clicking on the exploded view in the feature tree and selecting "Animate Collapse". The collapse animation appears as I would hope with the new part making the correct movements during the animation.


However, when I open my motion study up, the part remains stationary in the position it would be in in the collapsed state. I have tried rebuilding the assembly and recaculating the Motion Study with no changes.


Any advice from the community?


Thanks all