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    How can I set majority surface finish symbol?

    Andre Ladeira

      I really need to know if this option exist.


      There is an image to represent my question.


      Sem título.png



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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Andre,


          You can create this surface finish symbol represented in your picture with the following steps:

          1. Insert a Note (Annotation tab on command manager) > place it on the drawing sheet

          2. Select 'Insert Surface Finish Symbol' from inside the Note property manager. Select the 'Machining Prohibited' symbol type and click ok

          3. Type the brackets and add the numbers.

          4. Insert another surface finish symbol and select 'Machining Required' Type.

          5. Close brackets and your symbol is complete:


          If you wish the brackets to be larger to match your image, you can increase the font size on them. To re-use the symbol in future drawings simply save it into your design library so you don't have to do these steps repeatedly.