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Saving SW Files: assemblies/parts/drawings

Question asked by Xavier Leisher on Oct 28, 2016

Good Day,


I am using Windows 7 RESOURCE MONITOR to check the resource usage while using SW.

I have noticed that when ever I save a SW file, there is a large amount of Disk resource usage going to the below destination:


C:\Users\'pc user name'\AppData\Local\temp\~"0x475E.tmp"


"0x475E.tmp" changes depending on the file I am working on.



Minimal, if any, Disk usage goes to writing/reading to the actual folder location of the SW file that I am busy with.


So my questions are:

1)     Is it normal for significant disk usage to be used for the temp folder?

2)     Would my SW files be affected if I went to the temp folder (C:\Users\'pc user name'\AppData\Local\temp) and deleted everything inside of it?