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How does one dynamically revolve a sketch?

Question asked by John Apo on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by John Apo

Hi all,


So I am working on a complex part for a project in my SolidWorks class. The idea is that, in the end, my project will mirror the picture below:

Isometric Arc Reactor.jpg

Yes, I have decided to recreate Tony Stark's arc reactor from Iron Man. I am making a two part assembly so that I can put a light inside the main body of the arc reactor and put a cap over it so it looks like it is actually powered. The cap is done, but the complex part that is in question looks like this right now:

help picture.PNG

The sketch is the edge of the main body of the reactor offset 2mm. I want to have the black detailing on the first picture above. However, if I revolve the entire sketch a certain amount of degrees, the thickness varies of the revolution because the diameter of the top circle is larger than the bottom as shown:

help picture2.PNG

Is there an easy way to get the feature above that's the same width, which will end up being 2mm, from the top of the part to the bottom of the part?