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    PDM Variable Mapping Checkboxes

    James Rhys-Davies

      I am starting from scratch with our ECN process in PDM. I've been floundering through, but I think I have most of it figured out. Is there anyway to have multiple checkboxes on the data card that then show up in the Excel ECN form?

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          Michael Dekoning


          I'm assuming that you know how to add a checkbox in Excel and map Excel variables to PDM properties. Because a checkbox in Excel returns TRUE or FALSE while a PDM data card checkbox expects 0 or 1, you need to map the property to a cell which has a formula to convert this to 0 or 1. For example, if your checkbox linked cell is T31 then you will need to add the formula IF(T31 = FALSE,0,1) in a different cell and that cell is the one you need to use in the Excel Name Manager. We're using Excel 2010 so there may be a slight difference in this.