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SW2009 SP0, Quadro FX550, 162.65, Strange Behavior (PICS Included)

Question asked by Justin Lawyer on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2008 by Justin Lawyer
I am experiencing a some new and highly annoying behavior with SW2009 SP0. I have WinXP with a Quadro FX550 on the Solidworks settings (but it does not regardless of the software specific settings.) Using the SW certified driver.<br /><br />I am able to work using Software OpenGL however when the hardware OpenGL is utilized; the screen does not update when zooming with a mouse-wheel. Instead I get a rastered outline of the surface which is highlighted.<br /><br />If I open a file I am presented with a black screen.<br /><br />If I close one document and open another, I get only a static image of the first document I opened.<br /><br /><br />I had a great deal of trouble uninstalling SW2008 SP4; after a server migration; several paths to \\<IP>\Solidworks Data changed to a different IP which caused solidworks to error every time I tried to uninstall it. I am left wondering if this is somehow related, and if so, has anyone developed a script to manually purge the registry and OS of solidworks related entries and files.