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Incorrect QTYs in BOM Detailed Cut List

Question asked by Oli Sparrow on Oct 27, 2016

Hi all,

I've been trying to make life easier for our manufacturers by collating stock cutting lists for entire assemblies on one sheet.  So far it's been 50% automated and 50% manual.

The closest I can get is the attached img (just a test example), using Indented Bill of Materials with 'Detailed Cut List' checked.


This is fine as all the information required is shown in one table, however if you look at ITEM 5 as an example, it hsows that 3 of these are required for the job, yet the detailed cut list only gives the cutting QTYs for 1x the item.  This means that whoever is cutting the stock needs to multiply the length by the number of items needed.  Yes, this is very simple and logical, but we all know what problems this could cause.  I need to make this as foolproof as possible! The assemblies will commonly contain singular parts, sub-assemblies, multibody weldments etc..


My VAR has had a look and can't figure out how to amend the QTYs.  I don;t mind if it is a small manual process but so far I can't figure our how to do it (Excel based BOM? Using equations in table?  Any other methods that work for you?)


Just as background, we create very large steel structure canopies, where we may need to cut 100s of different sections in singles and multiples, so this is fairly critical for us.


Thanks all!