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Turn off RSS feeds in eDrawings

Question asked by Jim Stalewski on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by Jim Stalewski
We have restricted internet access, and the rss feeds in the eDrawings status bar is causing errors and lags for those people that do not have sufficient internet access to permit this unexpected and unauthorized use of bandwidth.

I have no idea what genius at SolidWorks decided adding an RSS feed to eDrawings was a good idea, or which genius further chose to bury the settings that affect that "feature" (acts like a bug) instead of making it an easily-accessible setting in the normal configuration dialog, but, please, somebody... Anybody...

Is there a registry tweak that can be applied to turn off the eDrawings viewer RSS feed bug?

If so, what is the key/value and what does it need to be set to to disable this bug?