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I want to Faro scan organic objects into Solidworks

Question asked by Patrick McNeely on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2020 by Jerry Myer

I'm a student who is new to the CAD world, and I'm trying to create an orthotic leg brace, but first I need a model of my leg in Solidworks. I used a Faro scanner to capture a point cloud, I used Geomagic Design X to create a smoothed polygonal mesh from the points,  and now I'm stuck. I can't get the mesh or cloud into Solidworks, I am finding it impossible to create a tree from something so organic using the geometric patters available.  I still have a (.xlr) file, which is just a spreadsheet with all 2.2 million XYZ coordinates.


I am just interested in importing the scan data into Solidworks, whatever the approach may be, so you have some insight that takes me to a new direction. I'm open.


I'm a quadriplegic, I really need this to work, so here's your big chance to help someone who really needs it.