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Solidworks 2015 Background looks spotty(poor)- Photoview 360 Video Animation

Question asked by Bobby Watts on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hello all,

Working on a video for a customer. I cranked out a video animation using PhotoView 360 as the renderer and the problem I am having is that the background is looking quite terrible... When I do a Photoview 360 standard photo, it ends up looking great.


Attached is a screen grab from the video and also a standard Photoview 360 photo rendering- both using the same exact settings in PhotoView 360. Is there any setting I can adjust so that the background is a nice smooth black color without all of these choppy lines?


Settings for PhotoView 360 is all stock except that I turned on "Final render quality" to Maximum.


The part that I am rendering is being hidden for my client's privacy. Please note that I selected the same background for both renderings, but the still photo and the video animation look completely different.


Any help here?? Thanks so much!