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    Slow Folder in EPDM Vault

    Kevin Ritz

      Hello all,     We have EPDM and one of our folders inside our vault is extremely slow when opening. This folder (lets call it FOLDER-1) has been the dumping ground for all SW models and drawings for the past 4 years. So as you can imagine, there are thousands of file in this one folder. Would breaking these files into sub-folders within FOLDER-1 help speed things up, or do the sub-folders need to be outside this FOLDER-1?  Any and all help would be great as we are trying to restructure our file folders.


      Thank you,


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          Craig Schultz

          You could try testing by moving a portion of the files into other folders.


          I still find a good search card is waaayyyyy easier than going through a folder tree or scrolling through hundreds/thousands of files in a folder.

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              Jason Capriotti

              Yes it definitely will. The more files in the folder will slow not only folder access time but I noticed it affect transitioning files between states check-in/out times.....sometimes quite a bit.


              We just moved all of files from 10 "dumping ground" folders, some of which had over 10,000 files, to about 500 sub folders. Make sure everything is checked in before moving them. PDM will update the links so the assemblies can find the files however if you have virtual component sub-assemblies, those do not update.

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              Kevin Ritz

              CS,     Its not so much searching for files as it is the time spent while opening the folders. Although, i am not a fan of the way the window is split up with the search, it make the preview pane small. I do like to use windows explorer as I can re-arrange the panes within the window and make the preview pane larger.


              JS,     Should the sub-folders be inside the FOLDER-1 or should they be outside this folder to reduce the # of files within FOLDER-1?

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                  Steve Ostrovsky

                  I'm not sure the location of the folders will matter as much as that you create them and spread the files around. I think having them in an organized manner will have more of an affect than just creating them willy-nilly.


                  Displaying folders is actually a database function so if you have simply create 500 sub-folders under a single root folder - you're still having to display 500 items when you navigate into that main folder. I think you should approach it like a SolidWorks assembly tree structure. Be logical and prudent in how you create sub-folders. Most companies I've worked with were able to find some kind of folder structure that made sense for their business and communication needs. Some people will always want to use the search features whereas others will want to drill down into folder structures.


                  Also, having folders means you have folder data cards and their meta data. Folder data card meta data are great to pass down into file data cards so you enter values once and then pass them downstream.


                  Good luck!!

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                  Shaodun Lin

                  Make sure there are less than 3000 files in that folder.