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    Krishnaveni Marikookala

      I am using SolidWorks 2012 since 2 yrs.


      I am facing several geometric issues like while generating aligned section views.


      The problem is " It is not generating as a single section view, it is appearing as a EXPANDED section view."


      May I know the reason. And please suggest me to get a required aligned section view.

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          Matthew Lorono

          SW2012 and prior had two separate section view tools, Section View and Aligned Section View.  Section View can create foreshortened section views, where the result is a simple projection.  Aligned Section View is projected in a manner that rotates all line segments to be orthographic with one another.  Aligned is typically used for round parts where details are not along a single plane.  For some parts, this can mean the section view is longer than the part itself because of how it displays information.  Without seeing your exact example, it is difficult to provide any additional insight.


          SW2013 combines both tools into one command, where you can control which line segments are foreshortened and which are rotated/aligned.