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Routing Properties Template

Question asked by Chuen Coco Chan on Oct 25, 2016

Please Help

I have already read through :


but I am still having issues.

I am using  Solidworks PDM, and I have created my own copper pipe that got 7 configurations.

I have already added the copper pipe into the library , everything went fine.

I have also set the location of my  routing library and routing templates pointing to my pdm vault

under the routing library location, I have these files:



I have gone back into the solidworks default library, copied the routing templates and paste it in my vault, renamed file to " Copper Pipe.asmdot" , and change the location of routing template pointing to my newly copied and renamed templates.


Now I am trying to go into editing the template under Tap Route Properties.

I have changed my default elbow to a random elbow in the library that does not have "Schedule"  info my pipe does not have Schedule either,

the elbow does not matter much to me because I only use bends.

I have then change pipe to my copper pipe.

When I clicked saved, it asks me to browse for a pipe?

But I have already selected the pipe.



I have tried to clicked Add new and create a new routing templates.

I did not encounter any error, I can find it when I do routing.

But each time when I do the routing I need to go to the drop down tap and select it manually.

Plus the fact that I cannot locate where did the routing templates saved to?

I need to have a "file" in pdm that I can point to, not only on my computer, but many other computers as well,

So everyone can point to the same routing templates file in pdm.



I have tried many things but none seems to fix this issue, or provide me with other way to get around this problem.



My secondary question is how can I set a default bending radius ?

Currently when i uses the routing template that I created, (which I have selected always use bends)

I have to manually enter the bend radius.

Is there a way that I can set a default bend radius for each config of my copper pipe?

in my pipe properties, i have already set up a property called bending radius, each config would have its own bending radius.

I there anyway to link this properties?