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Stress from casting

Question asked by Mike Ramsey on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by Mike Ramsey
Here's my problem. I want to figure the stress in a casting as it cools. How I've set it up is I first run a thermal study I give it two loads the first is my initial temp as the melting temperature of 2800 F. The next load is I'm saying it cools to 80 F. I set this up as a transient study and I'm letting it cool for 4 hours and setting it to solve in 4 steps. I used the variation with time option for my 80 F temp and it varies from the 2800 to 80. My results for the temp seem reasonable.

The next step is to find stress in the casting from it cooling. Under the thermal options of my static study I import temperatures from my thermal study at time step 4 and use my melting point for iron as the reference temp at zero strain. I get reasonable displacement in the .005" range but I'm seeing 300-400 ksi over a lot of the part when I have a yield of 35 ksi

If it makes a difference in the case I'm using the faces the core of the casting would touch as a fixed restraint. Any ideas of what's happening?