Alan Knapper

stability in surfacing

Discussion created by Alan Knapper on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2008 by John Kreutzberger
Okay, this is a general question, and primarily pertains to the upcoming 2009 release.

Maybe it's just the way I use surfaces in Solidworks, but I have a major stability problem, and have had since I started using them a couple years ago.

Once I have surface geometry on the screen, I don't dare go back up the list and change or add something, or I end up with a sea of red down the list after that change. This is a roughly 75% of the time occurrence. It isn't a big problem if I'm just getting started, but after 3+ hours work, it really starts to cut into productivity if it's necessary to step one-by-one through all the errors to clean them up, or to simply delete everything after the change and effectively start over.

I was recently at the local SW2009 "What's New" seminar and posed the question regarding surface stability, and received first stunned blank stares from the presenters, then a response to the negative regarding any kind of enhancement on the surface side.

Unless I'm alone here, and don't really know how to best utilize surfaces, shouldn't there be enough people out there asking for this one aid to getting work done in a reasonable amount of time?

Okay, I'm finished whining for the moment.