Jeff Norfolk

Task Scheduler Enhancement Request List

Discussion created by Jeff Norfolk on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by Kevin Bruce
I am creating this thread to combine enhancement requests for the Task Scheduler. Please post your requests and I will add them to this post to keep it up to date.

1. General
- Add File dialog should allow selection of multiple files.
- Make it more obvious regarding when a task is going to start for tasks that are scheduled to start immediately (past start time).
- Make task scheduler truly run in the background. It takes the window focus and if you were typing it excecutes keyboard shortcuts.
- Increase speed. The current, start SolidWorks thread, open file, exectute macro, close file, close SolidWorks, rinse and repeat method is slow.
- Save lists of files for future use. (ex. Set of files needs custom properties modified then I need to print them all. Should be able to save list from 'update custom properties' and import it into "print files'.)

2. Print Files
- When adding a file the files of type filter should default to 'drawings'.

3. Update Custom Properties
- Remove the need to open each document in SolidWorks when adding or editing.
- If document has a custom property that is driven from the model (ex. length dim) then notify user that file needs to open in SolidWorks for updating.