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Going from DT Driven to Parametrically Driven

Question asked by Alan Stoldt on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2008 by Jason Capriotti
I have a Profile Rail and Bearing set-up in an Assembly Driven by a Design Table (see images below).

The Mounting Holes on the Rail are at a 60mm Pitch, and then ends of the rail should be 20mm from CL of a Mounting Hole.

Our cylinders used with these rails are Inch. The Minimum Sized rail I can have is 100mm Lg (2 Holes ~ 100-60 = 40 /2 = 20).

For every two Inches of stroke, the rail grows by 60mm in Length and (1) Hole.

1" and 2" Stroke = 2 Holes = 100mm
3" and 4" Stroke = 3 Holes = 160mm
5" and 6" Stroke = 4 Holes = 220mm


I am able to accomplish this with a Design Table driving the Assembly.

What I am looking to do is tie the Assembly into a Layout Assembly where the Stroke would be Input. (Currently Stroke comes from the DT)

"Adder@Sketch1@25mm_Hi_Pro_Rail.SLDPRT" = "Stroke@Sketch1"

So I am hoping for an equation where :

"Adder@Sketch1@25mm_Hi_Pro_Rail.SLDPRT" = xxxxx

If the stroke is 1 or 2 then Adder is 60mm, if the stroke is 3 or 4 then Adder is 120, etc.

Any help in writing this equation is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.