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Photoworks seems to be hang  -  help please.

Question asked by Jesper Kristiansen on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2008 by Jesper Kristiansen
Photoworks seems to be hang - help please.

Hi there, I'm new to photowork and new to this board, and I hope someone here will be able to tell me what I did wrong.
I was playing around with some light sources, trying to add a light source inside a lamp head when suddenly I noticed that Photowork would hang each time I tried to make a rendering. As far as I know, wheat I did from when it worked to when it stopped working was to change the material and transparency of the lamp shade (trying to get a frosted glass look with a light source inside the lamp) and added some additional lights.

I then tried to change the material back, remove the lights I added and turn on just the ambient light, but still it seem to hang, even in low quality (options / medium) and illumination disabled in photoworks options.

Clearly I have no idea what I did and how to fix it, so any help is appreciated.
At the same time, maybe someone can point me to an example of how to add a light source as a light bulb inside a lamp head illuminating through the shade/cover

This is my last successful rendering before I ran into this problem