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Question asked by Keith King on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Keith Rice

I am a faculty member working on an Excel VBA grading program for uploaded student files (part, drawing, and assembly) in an introductory SolidWorks course.  I have a series of questions for drawing files that I have not been able to find answers for and would appreciate any help people could offer.  I am not very experienced with VBA or SolidWorks API, but have significant programming knowledge.


1) Is there a way to get the specific view type?  Students are to upload drawings with the front, right side, top, and isometric views shown.  Is there a way to determine if these specific views are present or are all of these under the broad "regular" view category?

2)  For a specific view, is there a way to determine if hidden lines are shown?  I have found a way to make them visible or disable, but have not found the ability to check to see if they are turned on/off.

3)  For a specific view, is there a way to determine if tangent edges are shown?  Again, I found a way to turn them off and on, but no way to check to see the status.

4)  Is there a way to compile the number of dimensions displayed for a given view?  The actual values of the dimensions are not necessary, just how many dimensions are visible.


I have already spent a significant amount of time searching online for ways to do these, but have been unsuccessful.  I realize that these may or may not be easily accomplished in SolidWorks, but any help or specific links that anyone could offer on any of the questions above would be most appreciated.