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    Cell shading/Cartoon/Edges only?

    Craig Schultz

      Brian Hillner, without giving away any top secret info.....  Are there any plans to include cell shading (cartoon) and/or edges only options within Visualize?  Or is there some work around to do this?




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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Craig,


          This is definitely on our roadmap. The more times we hear the same feature enhancement from our community, the higher it gets bumped in priority


          There is a setting only in 'Preview' mode that shows the wireframes. This can be selected in Part, Group or Model mode, and the wireframe color takes the base color of the applied appearance. So if you want all white wireframes across all parts, select the entire model and assign a white paint appearance to it.


          Then you can composite both images together (I used PSD) to create cool content like these 2 examples:

          Inner cover image_OVERLAY_watermark.jpg


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              Craig Schultz

              Cool.  The car looks nice!


              I like the Matrix looking renders, but if we could also get the flat look, just edges, and combo like we can in PV360.  Then alter/mash the images in PS Rob Rodriguez style (lots of learning still).



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                  Rob Rodríguez

                  Just to chime in here.  +1 on the cell, sketch, contour, etc shader/material for Vis.  One thing I'd like to note.


                  In the image of the car (looks great by the way) the mesh is pretty clean and tidy. Probably made with non engineering CAD software (a poly modeler).  In the image of the watch the mesh is messy, odd triangles, not tidy.  Probably modeled with engineering CAD software (NURBS).  The "CAD" mesh translated into Vis is going to be like the watch but I suspect most people are going to prefer a nicer more "clean" looking mesh (more like the car).  In the case of the SW user I think they are going to expect (or want an option) to have "edges" that match up to what they would see in SolidWorks in Shaded with Edges mode.  These shaders would have to be written in such a way that they would be able to achieve these different results (shaded with edges, sketchy, messy mesh, clean mesh, etc) no matter where the data is translated from.  Also, full ability to mix and match styles on different parts within an assembly and full control over colors (base and wire, sketch, etc) would be great.