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Negative effects of move face, delete face, convert to sheet metal

Question asked by Corey Herr on Oct 25, 2016

Our company switched from UG to SW back in the day.  We took all UG data and imported it as dumb bodies.  We deal mainly in simple sheet metal parts.  A lot of people here are old school and don't like doing things outside of the norm, everyone seems to think a feature tree is extremely important, idk why.  When we have to rev up these older parts a lot of people here completely remodel the part from scratch, which is time consuming.  A lot of time all that is needed is adding a hole or a simple change that can be accomplished with move, delete faces.  Convert it to a sheet metal part and redraft it, good to go.  Clearly this is much faster and saves a ton of time compared to remodeling from scratch.  Sometimes we use feature works but that doesn't always work.  We are developing modeling standards and I'm going to argue the point that it is ok to used these commands.  Is there anything wrong with modeling this way?  People here are concerned this will cause problems down the road but I can't think of any issues.  If I need to make a similar new part number, I will do a save as on the imported body and do the same process to save time. 


It should be noted that no matter what, remodeling from scratch, feature works, or converting to sheet metal destroys all mates to this part in whatever assembly it is used in. So that is a negative effect of dealing with imported UG parts regardless.