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    Comparison of Visualize Std and PV360?

    Dennis Dohogne

      We have seats of SWX Professional and apparently that now includes Visualize Standard in addition to PhotoView 360.  What is the comparison of the two?  Surely there are advantages of one over the other, but I'm not seeing a comparison on the matrix website (3D CAD Matrix | SOLIDWORKS ) even when I dive into the two separately.


      We don't do very many renderings so this isn't our wheelhouse, but it would help if we knew why and where to put our effort.  Thanks in advance.

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          Bill Toft

          Try posting your question in the Visualize forum. Lot's of good info there.

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            John Stoltzfus

            I have used 360 for some products over the past few years and then earlier this year I tried Visualize and I feel a lot more comfortable with 360 then what I did with Visualize and just a few things...


            • It's much easier to manipulate and move the model in the Solidworks window then it is in the Visualize window
            • If there is a rendering I need to make, here it's automatically a Wood Grain and possibly some metal and I find it was much easier manipulating the wood grain mapping and pattern in Solidworks then with Visualize
            • Solidworks 360 allows you to take a picture/render from anywhere, upside down, try that with Visualize, I could never get it to below the floor level, but there probably was some setting that I needed to change....
            • Overall I found Visualize a lot slower and a bit clunky and complicated when it comes to making minor adjustments to a surface, Solidworks 360 is quick and easy
            • I feel once they get some of the newness taken care of Visualize has a lot more possibilities, I really like it, but it will be a little longer till I'm totally weaned from SW 360
            • The Camera settings in Visualize are probably a lot easier to manipulate for those that are photographers & understand photography.  (edited)

            Just my two cents

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              Michael Lord


              Personally, rendering is rendering. There are many different programs which can do so!

              Like all rendering programs they both use "Environments" to provide the lighting and "Material" to create the effects/ finishes

              PV360 uses only CPU for processing.   Where Visualize has the advantage of being able to use both CPU & GPU (or a combination of both)


              Visualize has the advantage of being able to be installed on a different computer than the one SOLIDWORKS/PV360 is installed on.

              Visualize comes with a few more/ wider range of "Material"

              Visualize camera has a little more adjustment

              The "Environments" provided with both programs are interchangeable between each other.


              PV360 can do animated renders, Visualize Standard cannot. (Requires Visualize Professional)


              Personally I find PV360 handles "Large Assemblies" better than Visualize


              Visualize 2017 can be set to the same keyboard/ mouse functions as SOLIDWORKS/ PV360 for Pan, Zoom, Rotate.  Therefore much nicer when switching between programs


              Most people couldn't pick which program produced which render!

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                Tony Vitale

                What i don't like is that all the setup time I've done in PV360 doesn't carry over. that can be seen in the thread i posted yesterday. Why would that be?