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Electrical 2016 print to PDF issues - pdfcreator software not installed

Question asked by Daniel Fudge on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Daniel Fudge

Good evening all, i am new to using Solidworks Electrical and PDM.

I am currently having major problems trying to check in new projects - i cant because i get an error message saying that PDFCreator software is not installed - i have DoPDF8 installed but it will not recognise this when checking in and it just crashes resulting in me having to close the program and restart.

secondly, in a project that has already been created when. Try to print to PDF or export PDF i get the same message about pdfcreator software, but the print to pdf will let me create a single pdf per drawing.

so i end up with for instance 122 pdf's with one drawing, not one pdf with 122 pages.


i have spoke to solidsolutions in the UK and they say that yes this is a known issue, but could not offer any fix...


if anyone has any hint, tips or fixes i will be eternally grateful!


edit to add: what pdf software is it looking for? I asked our I.T. Guy to install PDFcreator before i chuck the PC out the window, but he said that is a generic term used for PDF software.