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Profilecenter mate DON'T USE IT, IT DOSEN'T WORK

Question asked by Tim Smith on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by Greg Hynd

Has anybody else here used the new profilecenter mate? If you have I suggest you go back right now and get rid of it. The mate does not fully constrain the part. During random rebuilds the part will change orientation causing your assy model to blow up in the most interesting ways. I think what we have here is another great feature that was, either released before it was ready for prime time. Or what seems like it happening more and more with solidworks, released to let the user community beta test it for them. Now I'm being told that unless a VAR or captured with a RX session open solidworks won't take an enhancement request on it. I'm 5 days overdue on my project thanks to this problem. My data set is over 4 gigs and my VAR can't get it to upload. Thanks a lot solidworks, maybe in the future you can give us a heads up on what we are bug testing for you.


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