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Problem from-to list, please help me!!!

Question asked by Nikita Bezlepkin on Oct 24, 2016

Dear users of Solidworks routing electrical,

We need your advice to eliminate the problem we have.

We are making the vehicle wiring with many connectors included. For automation of quick arrangement and wire installation project in large assembly we use “from-to list” method.

Every time we face strange actions of “from-to list”, mainly it happens when we try to add splice in the wiring.

Starting the route from “from-to list”, first we insert the components of electrical route, i.e. various connectors. When the components are inserted, the splice elements must be displayed faded or transparent and added to the route when the connectors were arranged and the wiring was started.

In most cases, the component insert window displays the splice element as a connector for insertion into assembly, and any other connector turns out to be faded.  There are many splice elements in wiring assembly; and it takes much time to edit the wiring, if we insert the splice elements manually and do not add them to “from-to list”. If updating of “from-to list” data is required, the wires need to be redefined for splicing.

The pin of the splicing component is specified in the library as *; as for connectors, depending on the pin quantity it is indicated as 1,2,3,4….

“From-to list” was made in Excel file as well as via “to list wizard”.

The screenshots show the concerns we have, where the splices convert into connectors and vice versa. It makes the wiring incorrect because of fault in the sequence of components insertion.

Could you tell us what can be the reason for such a behavior of the program?   1.JPGCapture.JPGCaptu.JPG