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eDrawings API and VBA

Question asked by Greg Lilly on Oct 8, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by Greg Lilly
Hi. I need a little help with the eDrawings API. I have embedded a "eDrawings 2008 Control" onto a VBA form in Microsoft Access. I can open a file view it just fine. My problem is I can't reference the 'Print' method from VBA. It says the object doesn't support this method. Am I using the wrong ActiveX control? That's the one that seems to be associated with the EModelView.dll

I checked the examples that came with the API SDK and the only one that uses the print method is the eDrawingsConsole in VB.NET. However, I noticed that the ActiveX control on the form is derived from the AxEModelViewControl Class. This doesn't seem to be available in VBA.

So, how would I do this in VBA? The help file referes to the Print method. I just can't seem to reference it. Any help is appreciated.