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Is there a way to control the document's unit system via a Design Table?

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Dennis Dohogne

I am creating some files for general use.  Sometime the system should be metric (think metric gears as defined by module) and sometime it should be inch (inch gears defined by diametral pitch).  There are times I'm in one system and need to switch to the other so a configuration choice in the part file would  be the optimal way of doing things.  I am not talking about having inch values converted to metric values, but having all values interpreted as inches or millimeters.


Is there a way to control via a configuration or Design Table setting whether a file should interpret the values as inch or metric?  Surely this a setting in the file somewhere as we can already specify this in the document's settings.  I think if that parameter could be identified it could possibly be controlled in the DT.  If it can be done I'm sure someone here can enlighten me.


Thanks in advance.