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Local Working Folder Not Staying Linked to Vault

Question asked by Rob Haman on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by Rob Haman

I am new to using Workgroup PDM so please bear with me. Our administrator has set-up the vault system to always place checked out files into a local folder (SW Working) on the C drive. However, my computer has recently lost this fixed link to that folder and follows whatever path I recently opened files from. For example;


In File Explorer the My Workgroup PDM Documents should always be set to C:SW Working. What is happening is that if I open a file that is not in the vault but on my local machine (test files, for example) the path is being changed to that file path. Now if I work with files from the vault, they are being placed in whatever folder I last accessed a part/assembly and not to the Working folder.


We have looked at all settings and nothing appears out of the ordinary. This is not happening with the other users so it must be a local setting that has inadvertently been changed. We are using SW '15 on Windows 7 platform.