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    Unable to find files

    Amanda Bradley

      When working on my Trebuchet project, I went to open my catapult base assembly, when I got a warning that the files could not be found and were suppressed. I checked in the Trebuchet file in my computer, and double checked all the files SolidWorks could not find, and they were all there. How do I "unsuppress" them?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Close all files. Add the files path in the search path in the options. Now open assembly and check.


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            John Stoltzfus

            It appears that the files have been moved to another location sometime after the design was completed, open up the main assembly and the files that are suppressed right click them and select unsuppress, then it should prompt you to find the file, go to the location that you mentioned above.  If that don't work then drag and drop the parts directly into the Assembly file from the location that you mentioned, then leave them floating and now you can select all the parts in the feature tree and select unsuppress.  Delete the parts that you just dropped in, now all the links are established again.

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                Eric Blankinship

                Alternatively you can use SolidWorks Explorer to re associate broken links.  Simply find the Assembly in SolidWorks Explorer & click on the references tab for the file.  The file that isn't being found should show as a red page.  Right click on that part and select replace.  Then simply path to the file and select it. 


                Note: Don't have the file or the file you are associating open while you are doing this.