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FEA Unable to Probe a Welded Region?

Question asked by Kevin Piper on Oct 24, 2016
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I am performing an FEA analysis on a heavily welded structure and am unable to use the probe tool on any edge that contains a weld.  When clicking on a welded region to probe it the "click" is registered where I click, but about a foot away from the model revealing no data.  If I rotate the camera view about where I clicked for the probe, it will rotate about that point a foot away from the model and that is where the little "cross" is representing where I clicked for a probe (see attached images).  I have the ability to recreate this at will using welded regions so others must be having this issue.  What is the work-around for this currently?

I also attached a simple example that illustrates this in case anyone hasn't run into the issue previously.  I tried using the "pack and go" feature which kept crashing the software so abandoned that and just attached the part/assembly files.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!