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Part selection for subassemblies generation

Question asked by Chiheb Gouta on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2016 by Chiheb Gouta

For the API program (2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Make Assembly From Selected Components Example (VB.NET)), I want to use this program for other developments but I didn't found how to automatize the selection of the 2 parts (valve<1> and valve_guide<1>).

As the pre-conditons of this program are:

' Preconditions:

' 1. Open install_dir\samples\tutorial\motionstudies\valve_cam2.sldasm

' 2. Ensure that the Save new components to external files check box

'    on the Tools > Options > Assemblies dialog is selected.

'    Otherwise, the selected components are saved as virtual components

'    and not as external files.

' 3. Select valve<1> and valve_guide<1> components.


Can anyone help me and thank you very much.