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Why Configure Part / Assembly Button is gone in copied part?

Question asked by Paul Wang on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by Paul Wang

I am doing a cottage design. So I created a lumber part with length, width and thickness configurable when I put it into assembly.

Everything worked as expected until I found out that on those copied lumbers I lost "configure part/assembly..." button when I right click.

The "referenced configuration" drop box is still there, so that I can choose from existing configurations.

But I need "configure part/assembly..." button to create new configurations.


Some screenshot added.

This is the parameters I created for the part.



This is the when I right click on the part I "inserted" into the assembly. I can click this button and I will get the configure window as shown in the screenshot above.



I have a lot of same length lumbers in the assembly, so I copied a lot of them.

But on those copied part, if right click, that button is missing.

This is very inconvenient, because you couldn't tell which part is original and which part is copied. And if you want to change the dimension of one of the copied part, you need to insert a new part and set the dimension, and then come back to that copied part and select the configuration from the drop down box above.