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How to Get Weldment Cutlist Item Number Of Part On Drawing Sheet

Question asked by Nathan Schafer on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Nathan Schafer

Our company standard for weldment drawings is to have the welded assembly shown on Page 1 and the machined items that make up that part detailed out individually on the following sheets. So, for a welded part that has 5 items, items 2 and 5 of the weldment cut list have to go thru the machine shop, the others can be cut to length. Page 2 of the drawing will detail out item 2 and page 3 will detail out item 5. Is there a way for me to tell thru api what item numbers are on those sheets?


The reason I want to do this is to incorporate that information into a PDM task. I have a variable on a data card called "Output Machining Model" which is checked when the drawing is created. I modified the Convert task in PDM so that if that variable is checked it will output a .dwg file to a specified folder for the machine shop in addition to the .pdf that is created for assembly. I still have to go into that folder when the task runs and rename the file with the Item Number at the end. I am trying to do this automatically. I have very little programming experience, but since my company just implemented PDM, I became the admin and have started to learn programming because there are many macros for us that would be useful. As for finding the weldment cutlist item number of a part in a drawing, I am not sure where to start.


Thanks in advance.