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Smart features in flexible assembly

Question asked by Claudio Stammitti on Oct 21, 2016



I have a flexible assembly of a hinge, very basic, one leaf is fixed and the other is free to rotate, and I want to create the access holes for mounting the hinge to become a smart feature, so I can populate them into the final assembly later.


I created the temp assembly with the hinge and 2 different dummy plates to simulate the 2 parts attached to the hinge. I also created the hole features activating each individual dummy part with a simple up to next condition for the hole and coincident to the center of the hinge hole. Nothing very elaborated so far.

Then I created the smart component, selected the hinge sub- assembly as the component, and the 2 access hole features from each dummy part as the smart features.


What happens is, when I insert the smart component feature of the hinge in the assembly, only one hole is created, actually the one related to the fix part of the hinge which is correctly created into the part with the reference to the hinge hole, but the hole related to the flexible leaf of the hinge is neither shown or created in its corresponding the part. I don't see error in the procedure, because when I'm inserting the smart component in the assembly the preview windows shows perfectly the sub-assembly, it allows me to pick the face where to locate the holes, also lets me check mark each hole feature individually and it all shows the correct preview in the window, but then, as said above, only one hole feature is created.


For the time being, I have to create the holes manually and fix the position to the hinge sub-assembly, it's doable but very much time consuming.


Any thoughts on this?


Thanks in advance