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BOM @ vs Configuration

Question asked by Bryan Nathan on Oct 21, 2016

We exposed an issue with our setup recently and I'm interested on input about the best practice to solve it. All of our pumps have a Default configuration (not intentionally, just happened), but not all of the subcomponents have it (most do, but we have exceptions). The Bill of Materials defaults to the Default configuration as shown in the image below. In the example below the DB0122 has a revision of 0. However, the revision of the part is really 1 and the Rev_Sub is 1.2. When I open the file the variables for all configurations of the DB0122 correctly read 1 and 1.2.

When looking at the DB0122 more closely we noticed that it does not have a Default configuration. At the PM0262 assembly if I choose @ for the configuration of which to display the BOM it shows the variable correctly. However, it also adds in all of the virtual parts which are excluded from BOM's as you can see below.

So I have numerous quesitons:

  1. Why does the BOM apparently freak out when Default is choosen at the parent assembly level and the component doesn't have a Default configuration
  2. Why do virtual parts pop up when the @ configuration of the parent assembly is choosen
  3. What is the best practice for handling this situation?

We are embarrassingly still running 2015 so maybe it's been fixed in more recent releases.