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Flat pattern for laser cutting

Question asked by Marco Nawijn on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Marco Nawijn

Hallo guys. I would like to start this topic regarding flat patterns intended to be used (as DXF files) for laser/water cutting machines.

Suppose I have this part (imagine it like a standing seam that collects and drains the rain water). It is initially a rectangular sheet metal part, bended at the sides. Plane 2 is resulting from the assembly geometry, along it the part is cutted (split function).


I have to make now the flat pattern and export it as DXF. And here comes the problem.

At the inclined corners I get this double lines, which are of course the result of cutting the solid under a certain angle. For the cutting machine this is a confusing situation, each line meaning in fact a cutting line.

The only solution I found for this is to transform, inside the drawing, the flat pattern into a sketch and then, manually, remove all the strange line.

Do you guys know a more efficient solution here?