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Getting rid of reflections on steel posts

Question asked by Steven Van Der Gronden on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Kevin Pymm

Hello guys and girls,


I'v been trying to render this kids playset for a while now but have not been getting the results i wanted. I need to get rid of some relections on the steel posts. There are some red HDPE parts in the assembly witch reflect verry clearly on these posts.

I want to get rid of these reflections. I'v allready tried turning down the 'Reflection Ammount' in the 'illumination' tab. But that removes the shine the posts have and that is a thing i want to keep.


Is there annyone who has an idea on how to remove the reflections caused by the other parts in the assembly whilst keeping the same appearance and not losing the reflections made on the post by the added lightsouces in the scene.