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Revision Symbol Ties

Question asked by Aaron Ferrier on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Rob Edwards

I'm trying to link a revision symbol to a dimension so that when the drawing changes, the revision symbol moves with the dimension.


I've already attached the revision symbol to the drawing view, and I tried grouping the symbol and dimension.  This works when I'm moving the dimensions by hand.


However, when I change the part configuration, while the grouping of the symbol and dimension is maintained, the dimension shifts with the part while the symbol does not.  In this case, when I change the part to a shorter configuration, the dimension shifts down with the part while the revision stays in the original position, which is now above the view.  I can then move the two in unison, as they're still grouped, but there is now a large gap separating them.


Is there any way to group the two so that the revision symbol stays with the dimension during the configuration change?