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    Incorrect Flat Pattern Orientation

    Keaton Warn

      In the attached picture, you can see that the flat pattern that I drag in from the View Palette is a side view of the flat pattern. The flat pattern's fixed face is the main base flange, but I'm still getting a side view. The fold/unfold features in the part's feature tree also have the correct fixed face.


      I am aware that in the drawing, using a projected view will show the correct face, but I think that leads to other issues.


      The bend line notes do not seem to be appearing from the projected views, even though under the Options -> Document Options -> Sheet Metal tab, the option to display bend notes is checked. In the Drawing View properties, the option to display bend line notes is not checked, but I cannot check it because it's greyed out.


      Any ideas on either of these issues since I think they're related?